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Classification and Compensation Project

UCF’s classification and compensation redesign project for approximately 3,500 staff in Executive Services, A&P and USPS positions, as well as vacant positions, spanning across the University has reached its implementation stage. As a result... of the study, UCF will have updated pay grades, pay ranges and job titles. Some employees will be assigned new job titles, and all employees will be assigned an updated pay grade and pay range. The university still has work to do to fiscally align employees appropriately where applicable. If you have any questions after receiving your notifications, please talk to your supervisor. Your IT&R HR liaison will also be happy to assist you.

Comp and Class Guide FAQ

Amazon Business Accounts

Those employees that have a Pcard, are authorized to procure, and have an existing Amazon business account should have received an email from UCF’s Pcard office directing them to deregister their account. This change is required... for all Prime Account holders and those individuals will receive an automatic invitation to register from Individuals that have not received an invitation but hold a regular business account will need to deregister. Once deregistered authorized Pcard holders should contact to request an invitation to the central business account. These accounts are for business use only. If you have any questions, please contact or Amazon Business Customer Service at 888-281-3847.

ITRBC Step Challenge!

New IT&R Step Fitness Challenge February 1 – February 28! Visit the ITRBC Wellness website for more information and to register prior to February 1.

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The Information Technologies and Resources Business Center is a diverse group of dedicated Human Resources and Budget professionals that works together to provide efficient, reliable, quality services to units in Information Technologies and Resources.

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